Setting up Azure Functions PowerShell local development environment with Visual Studio Code

For effective development of Azure Functions with PowerShell we need to install and configure few software’s to our development machine.  In this post I will go through how to install and configure all necessary software’s and extensions needed to do basic Azure Functions development in Windows 10 machine.

PowerShell Core installation

To develop Azure Functions with PowerShell you need to install PowerShell Core which is in preview face in Azure Functions v2. You can download and install PowerShell Core from GitHub

Select Windows (x64) stable and save it to disk, and run installer..

Or you can download Windows PowerShell installation commands here

.Net Core SDK 2.2

.Net Core SDK 2.2 is prerequisite to use Azure Functions Core Tools, so we need to install It.

.Net Core SDK 2.2 can be download here


Download .Net Core

1. Select “Download .Net Core SDK”

2. Save it to disk

3. Run installer

Node.js and NPM

To debug and run Azure Functions with Visual Studio Code you need to install Node.JS and npm which is package manager for node.js

Node.Js and npm can downloaded here


Download Node.js

1. Select current

2. Save installer to disk

3. Run installer

Visual Studio Code installation

Finally we are installing Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code can be downloaded here.


Download Visual studio Code

1. Select “Download for Windows”

2. Save it to disk

3. Run installer

Adding and configuring extensions in visual studio code

Azure Functions extension is used to create, test, and deploy functions to Azure. First we need install Azure Core Functions Tools, installation is done using npm “node package manager”


Open Terminal

Click terminal and then New terminal


run npm command

npm install -g azure-functions-core-tools@2


Open Extensions marketplace

Click “Wheel” on bottom of left corner

Select “Extensions”


Search PowerShell

Write “PowerShell” in to the marketplace

Select PowerShell

Click “Install”


Change Theme

By default PowerShell extension changes your theme to “ISE” look alike. You can change theme back to dark by selecting “Dark”


search Azure Functions

Write “Azure Function” in to the marketplace

Select Azure functions

Click “Install”


Configure extensions

Click “Wheel” on bottom of left corner

Select “Settings”


Open Settings

Type “settings.json” to search box

Select “Edit in settings.json”


Edit settings.json

Add following content between curly brackets

"azureFunctions.templateFilter": "All",

"azureFunctions.projectLanguage": "PowerShell",

"azureFunctions.projectRuntime": "~2",

"powershell.powerShellDefaultVersion": "6",

"powershell.powerShellExePath": "C:\\Program Files\\PowerShell\\6\\pwsh.exe",

"": "C:\\Program Files\\PowerShell\\6\\pwsh.exe"

Now you have installed Visual Studio Code fo Azure Functions with PowerShell language support.

Thanks for reading