Is Windows PowerShell dead?

I have had several questions from colleagues and customers what’s the future of Windows PowerShell.

Is Windows PowerShell dead?

Short answers are, no it’s not dead, but there is no plans to introduce new functionalities. Windows PowerShell is still supported trough Windows OS life cycle.

Example: Windows Server 2016 extended support ends 01/11/2027

Should I start to use PowerShell Core

If you are developing PowerShell:

You should start developing with PowerShell Core, if you are not developing workflows, Snap-Ins and WMIv1.

If you are using console for to do administrative tasks:

You should first ensure that modules what you are using are supported in PowerShell Core. SharePoint Online Management Shell example don’t work. You could install PowerShell Core side by side with Windows PowerShell.

Next release of PowerShell Core

Next release has couple major changes:

  • Next version will be named as PowerShell 7 and not PowerShell Core 6.3 or PowerShell Core 7

    • $PSVersionTable.PSEdition will still reflect to core

  • Built top of .Net Core 3.0

  • Full replacement of Windows PowerShell 5.1

    • This means that Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Core users can use same PowerShell version to automate across Linux. MacOS and Windows administrative tasks

  • PowerShell 7 will have a very high level of compatibility with Windows PowerShell modules.

  • Preview of PowerShell should be released at May 2019

    • This depends on completing integration and validation of PowerShell with .NET Core 3.0

  • PowerShell GA is aligned with the .Net Core 3.0 timeline

    • PowerShell 7 will be release after .Net Core 3.0 is released to GA

Thanks for reading and start using PowerShell Core/PowerShell 7 when released