Azure Functions v2 PowerShell Core at preview phase

Microsoft released April 29, 2019 that PowerShell is supported in Azure Functions v2

I’m not surprised that support is for PowerShell Core and not for Windows PowerShell, because PowerShell is latest ,shiniest and prettiest version of PowerShell and it is supported on Linux, MacOs and Windows platforms.

Azure Functions and PowerShell has several use cases, here are some of them:

  • Automated cloud resource management

  • Build your own REST API

  • Integrations to another services

Azure Functions PowerShell development model is based on:

  • Triggers

  • Bindings

  • Events

PowerShell in Azure Functions have same capabilities than other languages have, including:

  • Azure monitoring

  • Event grid

  • HTTP & Timer triggers

  • Visual Studio Code integration

  • Hybrid connection support “VNET integration”

  • Isolated local environments

  • Managed identities


This is the “reason” why I’m excited this new release

Azure modules “Az module” is natively available for functions, so you can use azure cmdlets natively. Az modules will be automatically upgraded by the service when new minor versions are released.

Custom PowerShell modules are also supported, with following folder structure:


Thanks for reading